Coefficients of Conservatism (C-values)

C-value is a numbered scale which rates a plant’s ability to grow in degraded versus intact ecosystems. Said another way, it evaluates a plant’s behavior along a gradient from weedy or invasive to delicate, picky, or highly specialized. Virginia’s plants have been ranked on this scale, and published as a free public access pdf.

C-Value Scale

  • -5 to -1 Invasive non-native
  • 0 non-invasive non-native
  • 1-3 weedy ruderal native
  • 4-7 semi-flexible natives present in stable ecosystems but tolerant of some disturbance
  • 8-10 highly specialized, rare natives requiring precise conditions to thrive

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DeBerry, Douglas & Thompson, Joseph & Bradford, Zachary & Davis, David & Ludwig, J. & Simmons, Roderick & Wieboldt, Thomas. (2021). Coefficients of Conservatism (C-values) for the Flora of Virginia.

Plant Conservatism & CC Values” at Missouri Prairie Foundation (June 26, 2020).

Floyd Native Plants
Floyd Native Plants